C2 Corvette Stolen in Montana Recovered Safely Just Miles Away

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A sigh of relief can be had for one Montana family. Their C2, along with its trailer, was stolen recently, and almost immediately recovered. Dumb Criminal of the Year award goes to Christina Burningham and Phillip Borsberry for stealing not only the Corvette trailer, but another trailer directly from the police department. Luckily, the Corvette was missing for only 24 hours before being spotted, and it never even left town. If there was any worry that the Corvette had been stripped for parts, that fear was put to rest. The Corvette was still in one piece.

Glen and Becky Nelson, the owners of the Corvette won’t immediately get the car back until police are done with their investigation. The Corvette, which saw a full restoration by Glen over the past few years, can only be released once the County Attorney issues it to be released.

Who would have thought there was so much headache to go through for having a car stolen? At least the car and the trailer will go back to the proper owners in the correct condition. And Glen and Becky will always have an interesting story to tell whenever someone asks about their Corvette.

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