C3 Corvette Convertible Is One Fine-looking, Affordable Cruiser

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C3 Corvette

You may not win any prestigious awards with this clean C3 Corvette. But you will enjoy cruising around in it!

We certainly don’t have to tell you that classic Corvettes aren’t exactly cheap these days. Well, unless you’re willing to take on a major project. Otherwise, landing yourself a cool set of wheels is going to involve forking over more money than your spouse is comfortable with you spending. But there are still a few good buys out there, if you look hard enough. And we didn’t have to look far to uncover this gem of a C3 Corvette over at Bring a Trailer.

Sure, there’s no big block under the hood or any crazy rare options anywhere. But who needs them when bidding topped out at just over $16 grand. For that price, you’re getting a clean, classic cruiser. And not much else. But we’d say it’s worth every penny of that price. With the legendary 350 small block under the hood and a 4-speed manual transmission, you’ve got a rock solid drivetrain, for starters.

C3 Corvette

A Flowmaster exhaust and Hooker headers undoubtedly make great sounds for your next top down cruise, too. And the current seller has done a good bit of maintenance to ensure plenty of trouble free miles moving forward. But this C3 Corvette also looks the part, thanks to years spent in a garage. The paint and chrome aren’t perfect, but they’re good enough to turn heads from 20 feet away.

C3 Corvette

The interior is equally clean and mostly original, save for an aftermarket head unit. With just a tick under 100k miles, there’s plenty of life left in this classy cruiser, too. You certainly won’t win any awards at the local car show, but that isn’t the point. Cars like this C3 Corvette were meant to be driven, not holed up in some museum. And we’d drive the living heck out of this ‘vert!

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