C3 Corvette: How to change the oil

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Items Needed:
Oil (Check your owners manual for the proper amount and type)
Oil Filter (If your manual doesn’t tell you a filter size, check your local parts store)
Floor Jack
Jack Stands
Catch Pan
Paper Towels
Wrench or Socket Set for the oil plug
Oil Filter Wrench (Not needed, but it can be helpful)

Step One
Open your hood. Remove the oil cap on the valve
cover, as well as pulling the dipstick and checking your oil.  Many
people are unaware of oil problems until it is too late so check your
oil regularly.

Step Two
Jack up the front of your Corvette by placing the
jack head on the frame rail behind the front wheel on the driver’s
side.  Place a jackstand next to the jack, under the frame rail in case
the jack fails.

Step Three
Slide the catch pan under
your Corvette.  The oil filter on most C3 Corvettes is right next to
the oil pan, and the oil pan plug is generally facing the rear of the
car (this may vary based on modifications).  Loosen the drain plug a bit
and then move the catch pan under the engine.  Keep in mind that when
the plug first comes out, there will be enough pressure to create a
‘stream? of oil ? it will not trickle straight down at first but as it
empties out it will drip directly down so make sure that your pan is
located to catch all of the oil.  Once the oil has slowed to a trickle,
you can then remove the oil filter.  Oil will still run down the filter
as you loosen it and spinning it quickly to remove it faster will cause
the oil to splatter around so take your time.  If the oil is hot, be
careful not to let the filter splash into the oil pan.  Let the engine
drain like this for 5 minutes and while you are waiting inspect the
threads on your drain plug.  If the threads are flattened out it may not
tighten or it can strip the threads in the oil pan and that is an
expensive fix.  If the plug threads are in good shape, simply clean it

Step Four
Fill the new filter with new oil, and then take
some of the oil in the filter on your finger and rub it around the
filter gasket. Before installing the new filter, inspect the filter
mounting surface, or the old filter, and be certain that the old filter
gasket isn’t stuck on the filter mounting surface. Once you have made
sure that the old gasket is not stuck to the engine, screw on the new
filter.   Never use tools to tighten the filter; it should only be hand
tightened. Then put the oil plug back in, and be very careful not to
cross thread the plug, and don’t over-tighten it, as it will ruin the
plug, and sometimes the oil pan. Just make certain that the plug is nice
and tight, but it doesn’t need to be torqued down.


Remove the jackstands and lower your Corvette once the plug
and filter are on and tightened.  Most C3 Corvettes take 5 quarts of
oil, but some higher performance models will take as many as 8 quarts. 
Check with your owners manual to be sure of what amount of engine oil to
use.  Also, if you have oil system modifications like a deep sump oil
pan, check with the manufacturer for recommended oil amount.

You’re done!

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