C3 Corvette Dragster Pulls Off 8s With Lexus Engine

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Sometimes even Corvettes are deserving of the type of experimentation that’s typically reserved for imports.

Sure, purists might have a tough time buying into the idea, but the thought certainly adheres to the freedom of customization long tied to the ‘Vette. Take for example, this 1,000 horsepower C3 equipped with a 2JZGTE engine out of a Lexus SC300. This beast pulled an 8-second quarter-mile run in the video below, as highlighted in a recent Auto Evolution report.


The car, also features a few other notable mods, including forged intervals, a Powerglide transmission, a suspension system from Strange, and a wheelie bar.

Of course, by no means are we suggesting that other Corvette dragsters should swap out those V8s for an import engine. And while the idea of running a quarter-mile in the 8s might not be all that newsworthy, it’s the spirit of freedom and experimentation that we admire most about this C3 mod.

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Via [Auto Evolution]

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