C4 Callaway Corvette Speedster Hits Us Right in the Nostalgia

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C4 Callaway Corvette Speedster

This Callaway Corvette Speedster is the most rad a Corvette can possibly be.

We were cruising around on eBay this week and found an awesome silver-over-teal Callaway that we immediately fell in love with. This wild early ’90s style icon takes the C4’s already wedgey shape and accentuates it with larger front aero and a cut down windshield.

C4 Callaway Corvette Interior

The Speedster did not have a top as it left the Callaway factory, and we like it all the more because of it. Unlike some of Callaway’s more wild cars, this particular car does not have any turbochargers (the Super Speedsters did), producing just 345 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque. However, only 10 Speedsters were built in total, making this an exceedingly rare bird.

What really gets us excited about this car, however, are the teal accents everywhere you look. From the eye-searing teal interior leather down to the brake rotor hats, basically anywhere this car isn’t silver, it’s a particularly ’90s shade of greenish-blue. That would take a hot minute to get used to, but we’d find a way to love it. With the wind rushing through our hair and the sound of a glorious GM V8 up front, drive this car along the California coast, and this car could transport you back to the early ’90s. “I’m about to leave the house, call me back on my car phone, Adam. Thanks.


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Our favorite new ’80s and ’90s show Radwood is coming up real soon, and this would be the perfect car to buy for the occasion. Sure, the car is based in Houston, Texas, and the show is in Anaheim, California, but with the sleek aerodynamic shape of the Speedster you can get from here from there, in no time flat. If you want to win the Corvette Forum award for Best Corvette, you just have to show up in this silver bullet.

For more information and photographs, check out the full eBay listing for this car here.

Bradley Brownell is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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