C4 Corvette Is an Actual Piece of Kinetic Art

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Cars and art have long been close partners. But this C4 Corvette takes that concept to a whole new level.

Art, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. But the close relationship between the automobile and art has existed nearly since the beginning. We’re simply drawn to cars that feature swooping lines, attractive hard edges, and flashy paint jobs. But Spanish-Argentinian artist Felipe Pantone chose to take things one step further with his own C4 Corvette. He turned his ride into an actual piece of kinetic art.

The idea of incorporating art and automobiles is nothing new for Pantone, really. The young man, who’s been an artist since the age of 12, has always focused on motion and street art. And this C4 Corvette, which he calls “Ultradynamic,” is the culmination of many years of graffiti and abstract art. And we must say, it looks pretty darn cool with all those incredible pixelated graphics.

C4 Corvette

The idea was to make this C4 Corvette appear as if it’s in the process of disappearing into thin air. And Pantone completed the effect using little more than a wrap job and some carefully applied spray paint. A simple job, yes, but one that exhibits Pantone’s raw skill and eye for art. The ‘Vette is currently being featured in Beyond the Streets, a showcase of graffiti and street art in Los Angeles, California.


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