C4 Corvette Shows Us How Not to Win a Drag Race

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Lopsided matchup become even more lopsided when one driver commits a pair of fatal errors.

Drag racing is an unforgiving mistress. Perhaps more so than any other form of motorsport. After all, one mistake or misjudged corner isn’t always the end of the world for endurance or oval track racers. But in a world where tenths (and even hundredths) of seconds can mean winning or losing, there’s really not much room for error. Especially when you’re piloting an underdog C4 Corvette against a highly tuned Nissan GT-R R35.

The GT-R is known for its incredible straight-line performance right off the showroom floor, which might have spooked our C4 Corvette driver a little. At least, he looks nervous from the start with his incredibly terrible burnout. He’s probably also aware that this GT-R is far from stock, too. According to the video’s description, the all-wheel drive monster produces a stout 704 hp and 762 lb-ft of torque.

C4 Corvette

Of course, this C4 Corvette isn’t stock, either. With a supercharger on top, it reportedly pumps out a healthy 505 hp. Which would be impressive if not for his challenger’s obvious advantage in both traction and output. But he certainly didn’t help himself with the weak burnout, nor by taking a nap at the tree. The Nissan is quite literally a couple car lengths ahead by the time our Corvette driver wakes up and joins the race.

C4 Corvette

That, friends, is how you don’t win drag races. Maybe if your car holds a big advantage, you might be able to run him down. In the eighth-mile, the chances of that are obviously even slimmer, however. And in the end, the C4 Corvette musters only an 8.93-second time slip. The GT-R, on the other hand, rips off a 7.48. Clearly, this is one the Corvette driver wishes he could have back, and so do we!

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