C4 Fuse Box Panel Knob

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If you\’re faced with replacing the broken fuse box cover
knob on 1984-95 Corvettes, don\’t get discouraged…we\’ve ALL been
The knobs are failure-prone since they\’re made of plastic
and actually weaken with every twist, (ironic, since this is how you lock
the cover in the first place.)
Hopefully, this little tech tip will
help. If your nut is okay, skip steps 1-3.
If you must replace the
nut also (like if your is damaged or missing) follow steps 1-4.
First, remove the fuse box cover. Then, remove the three torx head screws
holding the dashboard trim plate in place.
2. Snap the nut into
place HORIZONTALLY with the curved section (shaped sort of like a tiny,
rainbow bridge) on the underside of the dashboard trim pate.
Re-position the dashboard trim plate and screw it back into place. Now,
position the fuse box cover making sure the alignment tab is
4. Insert the knob vertically through the slot on the fuse
box cover and twist either to the left or right. In doing so, you\’ll
THINK the knob is going to break off in your hand, but it\’s actually
made to fit snugly. Just keep twisting until the knob moves to its locked
(horizontal position) and you\’re done!

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