Is This Pristine C4 Grand Sport Worth $50k?

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I never thought I’d actually write these words, ever. Seriously, never did it cross my mind that a C4 generation Corvette would actually hold its value. The C4 was always the ugly step child of the Corvette world, at least until people started to yearn for the late ’80s and early ’90s once more. Then, all of a sudden, C4s began to rise in value, and then I started liking them!

There’s just something about the boxy nature of these cars that makes them look pretty cool, and this 1996 Grand Sport might be the best one I’ve ever seen. As listed on eBay, this 1996 Grand Sport has the original window sticker, only one owner, and just 480 miles on the odometer.

When this one first went up on eBay, it had a “buy it now” price of $55,500, and was looking for a starting bid of $50,000. Alas, bidding is now closed, but what do you all think? Is this pristine C4 worth that kind of money?

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