C5 Corvette Is a 1,200-Horsepower Beast

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Watch a 1,200-Horsepower C5 Corvette destroy a couple of GT-Rs and a Lambo!

There was plenty to see at this year’s TX2K racing event in Texas. Perhaps the biggest standout was the winner of the Sport Class Bracket, though, a C5 Corvette. On its way to victory, the C5 had some steep competition at the event, including two GT-Rs and a Lamborghini. The guys over at 1320Video were there to capture the whole thing and provide some exceptional highlights, as you can see above.

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From the outside, the C5 Corvette isn’t shocking at all. With its apparently normal exterior, the sports car doesn’t look any different than some you’d find driving around the streets everyday. However, it’s what’s under the hood that’s so exciting. With a turbocharged 408 engine, the C5 can reach upwards of 178 mph, propelled by almost 1,200 horsepower. The driver of the car is quick to point out the true 6-speed transmission, as well.

Even though many of us won’t have the opportunity to drive such a beast of a Corvette, it’s pretty amazing watching it in action! What’s the highest horsepower car you’ve ever driven? Did it scare you?

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