C5 Corvette Bulldozes Honda, Lives to Tell the Tale

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Accidents are never fun, but they’re that much more painful when they happen within a couple months of purchasing your new whip. Unfortunately for Corvette Forum member CindysC5, it only took two months and four days for somebody else on the road to goof (to put it nicely), and cause quite the scene.

Here’s what CindysC5 wrote in her thread titled, “C5 Vette Saves Another Proud Owner in Accident!“:

“I’m in the fast lane, doing just a little over speed limit, and there’s that damn Honda, being driven by an inexperienced 18 yr old girl, in the slow lane. She’s about 50-75 feet ahead of me. Out of the wild blue yonder, she slams on her brakes and proceeds to turn in front of me!!! … I slammed on my brakes, had absolutely no where to go, ran into the rear driver’s quarter panel, THEN proceeded to take her for a ride on the hood of my vette!!!!!

When I finally came to a stop, that’s when her POS Honda got “kicked” off my gorgeous, stately vette!! (How dare that Honda try and hitch a ride with my vette!). Her rear bumper was about 10-12″ from my windshield! Her tires and entire rear end were up on my hood!! I tore her rear driver’s side fender and her muffler pretty much right off! I believe that’s what scraped most of my car. On left side you can see the black from her tires.”

That’s a lot of exclamation points. And rightly so! Regardless of age or gender, that’s not a smart move on the Honda driver’s part, and that had to be absolutely terrifying for Cindy to be pushing another car as it inched ever closer to her face.


As Cindy points out later in the rant, the car held up pretty nicely, all things considered. Glad to hear everybody walked away unscathed.

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