9 Bad-Ass Examples of Black Wheels on the C5 Corvette

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Black Wheels

Black wheels can be difficult to photograph. The main reason? Light. If there is too much light, all of it will bounce off of your car and cause the wheel wells to look like dark, cavernous holes from which no soul can escape (see below). Taking a picture with your crappy 8-year-old Nokia cell phone won’t help the cause, either. If you’re not a photography pro with the best gear in the game, your safest bet is to find a nice spot to park your car, while keeping it out of  tons of direct light. Too much light can cause a light-colored car to wash out, and your wheels to vanish.

Black Wheels

With that being said, they do look great on a lot of cars — particularly the C5 Corvette. Below is a gallery of pictures we found in the “Black rims on c5” thread. They aren’t perfect pictures, but they certainly will give you a good idea of how great the Chevy C5 Corvette will look on a set of soul-stealing black wheels.

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