C5 Corvette clocks 8.6-second ¼ mile on Crimean drag strip

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For those who think the C5 Corvette is still one of the best all-around performance cars for the money, you’ll certainly want to add this to your list of testimonials.

A video posted by Dragtimes shows a Corvette at the CIS Russian Drag Racing Championship in Crimea posting a ¼ mile run of 8.625 seconds at a speed of 161 mph. In fact, the C5 Corvette, driven by Andrey Mulenko, posted the fasted RWD time ever at the event when pitted against a Toyota Chaser that ended up being no match for the Corvette in the race.

I couldn’t track down any information on the official specs for the car, but it definitely must have one hell of a beast under the hood.

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