C5 Corvette Owner Needs Your Help to Hook!

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C5 Corvette owner falls victim to a Coyote Mustang. Help him make sure that never happens again!

Traction. It’s one of the most important factors in any kind of racing, whether it be straight-line, circuit-based, or even in the dirt. You can have all the power in the world. But if you can’t get it to the pavement, you aren’t going anywhere. C5 Corvette owner Jeremy East is painfully aware of this problem. The long-time old car owner finds himself on the wrong end of a drag race with a Coyote-powered Mustang in this video. The culprit? Traction.

East admittedly posted this embarrassing bit of film as a “cry for help.” His C5 Corvette might be down some power on the Mustang, but it does carry a distinct weight advantage. Thus, he shouldn’t be getting spanked as badly as he is in the first race. With traction control off, East performs a pretty decent burnout. But even then, launching at 1,500 rpm did nothing but smoke the tires even more. After hitting second gear and doing a little fishtailing, East just simply gave up.

C5 Corvette

The second time around, East left the traction control on. This produces much better results, but the car “falls on its face” every time he lets the clutch out. He admits that his clutch is pretty much trash, and that the car wears some cheap street tires out back.

So far, recommendations include a set of drag radials, a lesser burnout, and even stiffer shocks. Others suggest everything from short-shifting to feathering the throttle to swapping gears. Our vote is for some stickier tires and a little practice, but hey, that’s just us.

In the meantime, we want to know what you think! Chime in below and let us know how Mr. East can turn his C5 Corvette into a Coyote killer!

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