C5 Corvette Texas World Challenge Car is One Rare Racer

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C5 Corvette

Breaking into the world of motorsports has never been easier than with this turnkey C5 Corvette racer.

If you know anything about the world of racing, you already know that the price of entry ain’t cheap. And we aren’t talking about entry fees, either. We’re talking about the cost of building a competitive race car, then maintaining it. But there is a shortcut to racing glory, of course. Just dial up the old Internet and find yourself an already built racer. Like this incredibly cool C5 Corvette Texas World Challenge car, for example.

One of only 20 such GM-built racers in 2003, this LS7-powered beast looks to be in pretty phenomenal shape. Plus, one lucky person is going to take the track-only ‘Vette home, because it’s currently up for grabs at Dan Kruse Classics. And they’re going to get one supremely cool ride, even if it isn’t legal to drive on public roads.

C5 Corvette

We’ll start with what’s under the hood a 427-cubic-inch, dry sump LS7 engine. Fitted with loads of goodies including a FAST LSXR intake manifold and FAST 102mm throttle body, you won’t want for speed in this thing. The race-prepped suspension handles turns at high speeds thanks to T-1 Racing sway bars and various other go-fast goodies.

C5 Corvette

Meanwhile, you’ll be nice and snug inside the fully ‘caged interior. Nestled in a set of Sparco Evo 1 racing seats while you monitor the car’s vitals via digital dash readout. Even better, there’s no slushbox to take away your fun. Instead, this C5 Corvette is a row-your-own with a 6-speed transmission. So feel free to bang through the gears while that LS7 barks through open headers.

We certainly can’t think of a more fun (or easy) way to break into the world of motorsports!

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