C5 Corvette: The Ultimate … Tire Truck?

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Corvettes do a lot of things well. Burnouts, donuts, drag races and flipping headlights — to name a few. But a lot of people forget America’s sports car also has a trunk and can indeed carry items from one place to another. Usually, it’s things like a backpack, a 30 rack, or maybe a single mango. But in this instance, it was four full-sized wheels and tires.

These photos and this story were recently posted by Corvette Forum member CorvetteBob52 in a thread called “Now I have seen it all…”:

“Today I sold my used set of C5 Z06 wheels with almost-new tires. The guy who bought them only lives about 5 miles from my house. He drove over in his 2001 silver C5 corvette. He bought the wheels and tires at first sight for a good price. Because he drove his Corvette, I thought he would pay me for them, and come back to pick them up in a more appropriate vehicle. I then offered to deliver them to his house in my mother’s Subaru wagon free of charge because he was so close. He insisted in taking them on the spot like this. Now I’ve seen it all!”

When you have somebody nicely offering to use his own vehicle to deliver the goods to your house, why would you not take it? Seems like an odd choice, but people are odd, so this shouldn’t be too surprising.

And don’t even get me started on the handicap license plate.

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Via [CorvetteBob52]

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