C5 Corvette Owner Questions Whether Fear of Rain is “Crazy”

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I guess there’s no limit to what some people will do to protect their Corvettes, but refusing to drive them in the rain?

Apparently that’s the length Corvette Forum member BamaJ will go to keep his first ‘Vette (pictured) in pristine condition. He says he’s even canceled a few trips to car shows for fear of getting caught in the wet stuff with his newly purchased C5, later learning that he missed out on all the fun.

It’s a sense of shared responsibility, explains BamaJ in the Corvette Forum thread, that stems from how the previous owner of the C5 kept it rain-free for 10 years.
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“I know it’s going to kill me if I ever get caught out with nowhere to pull over and have to continue driving her in the rain,” reads BamaJ’s post about the Corvette he bought about a month ago. “I’ll feel like I’ve let her down, and even though I’ll probably never meet the original owner, I’d be ashamed if I ever did and had to break the bad news. Anyone else out there feel the same way about their Vette? Has anyone tried to keep theirs dry and clean, but finally get caught out and decide to just throw in the towel?”

BamaJ goes on to write, “And for those who still own a ‘never driven’ C5, what tricks or practices do you use to avoid the rain? Ever go on long trips? Right now I can’t imagine ever venturing very far from home. Is this crazy?”

She’s certainly a beauty, but yup, I think it’s a bit extreme. Pewter99 probably put it best when he posted, “It won’t melt,” so just remember that when you find yourself checking the forecast.

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