C5 Rolled Exhaust Plate Install

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Please note: I installed a C5 rolled exhaust plate from Xtreme
Motorsports. I am confident that this tech tip will work for others as
well, but check measurments first to be sure. Sorry there are no pics, my
sister borrowed my digital camera.
One other tip: Don\’t say to
yourself \”this would be a great time to polish the exhaust plate before
I put it under the car.\” It is shiny enough already. Just wipe off
your fingerprints when you are done. Polishing the plate with even Zaino
will scratch the chrome. Trust me, I know.
After one install
gone wrong (crooked) I set out to find a way to ensure the exhaust plate
was straight, centered, and at the right height. It is a lot of work, but
if you are a perfectionist like me, it is necessary. Here is what I
1. Cut a piece of scrap wood which is about 14.25\” long
(the length of the exhaust plate) and .75\” thick (the distance the
bottom of the plate is supposed to be from the bottom of the CD changer
tub). A piece which is 1.75\” wide is perfect. I believe this equates
to a 14.25\” long piece of 1X2.
2. Measure the exact center of
the 14.25\” piece of wood and mark the 1.75\” side with a line
indicating the center.
3. Take a very small piece of mounting tape
(the same type used to mount the plate, but thinner if you have it) and
place it near the center of the scrap wood on the side opposite from where
the pencil line is. You will be pulling the scrap wood out at the end, so
keep this in mind when selecting the size of the piece of mounting
4. Look under the CD changer tub. There is a tiny drain
hole, which is directly in the center.
5. Clean the area on the
tub where the plate will be mounted with rubbing alcohol, as indicated on
the directions provided with the plate.
6. While laying under the
CD changer tub, press your scrap wood into place by lining up the back
side of the line you drew earlier with the tub\’s drain hole.
Obviously, remove the strip protecting the adhesive first.
Test fit first the exhaust plate first!! Then, when you are ready, remove
the strips covering the adhesive. Use the \”rolled edge\” of the
exhaust plate by holding the adhesive backing away from the tub while
pushing the rolled edge firmly against the scrap wood. If the scrap is
just as long as the plate, use you fingers to ensure that the plate is
8. Slowly press the plate from the bottom edge upwards
while still holding the plate tight against the scrap wood and centered.
Once it is attached, that\’s it!
9. Remove your scrap wood from
the tub and any adhesive the wood may have left. Crack open a beer and
admire your work.

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