C5 Z06 Crashes and Flips in San Diego Accident

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[VIDEO] C5 Z06 Crashes and Flips in San Diego Accident

A Corvette owner and his passenger went for a wild ride earlier this week according to ABC’s 10News.com in San Diego. Witnesses say they saw the silver C5 Z06 speeding and making a ‘screeching noise? before the driver lost control and hit a fire hydrant before coming to rest on its roof.

Miraculously, both the driver and passenger climbed out of upside down Corvette on their own, but the accident did send the passenger to the hospital with undisclosed injuries.

The crash occurred in the College Area of San Diego at the corner of College Way and Carol Street.

Michelle Connolly witnessed the crash and called 911. ?I was crossing the street going to the shopping center, and the car started screeching down in the right-hand lane and it looked like he was gonna turn. He missed it, hit the fire hydrant. Big crash.? she said to 10News.com’s Preston Phillips.

The driver of the Corvette declined to be interviewed and told the reporter he wasn’t even going that fast. The Corvette Z06 was equipped with a nitrous system and police removed the canister at the scene.

Speculation was the accident may have been caused by street racing, but police told the reporter that they do not plan on ticketing the driver.

The huge crash brought out a crowd as they watched emergency workers flip the Corvette right-side up.

One witness to crash sums up the events of the evening by telling the reporter ?I heard it from a distance and I said WOW!?

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