C6 Aftermarket Steering Wheel Options

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vette-steering-wheel.jpgWhen it comes to selecting from the many C6 aftermarket steering wheel options that are available today, it’s important that you choose one that will be conducive to safety and comfort alike.

The steering wheel of your Corvette is one of the interior portions of the vehicle that you come into contact with the most. It is not only a fixture of the style and appearance of the vehicle, but a crucial element of the performance aspect of the car as well. For that reason, it’s necessary to strike a balance between the look of the steering wheel and the functionality of the wheel. Read on for a few popular aftermarket steering wheel options.

Raid Steering Wheels

One of the most popular companies that sells aftermarket steering wheels for all types of Corvettes is a German company called Raid. This company focuses on both style and safety while creating its wheels. All Raid steering wheels have a fully functional airbag installed within them to help protect the driver in the case of an accident. There are a variety of different spoke styles to offset the standard spokes that come with most new C6 Corvettes. The wide range provides all owners with an option that is comfortable and affordable.

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raid.jpgGrant Steering Wheels

Grant is a company that carries different models of Corvette steering wheels. This company has both 3 spoke and 4 spoke steering wheels to help provide additional options for owners with different tastes. Some of the Grant steering wheels have airbags, while others do not. These steering wheels are priced very affordably and are easy to install, making them a great selection for a Corvette owner looking for a good aftermarket steering wheel.

MOMO Steering Wheels

MOMO manufactures high end performance steering wheels for racing in Corvettes. The steering wheels have unique grips and custom handles to facilitate precision driving maneuvers. All of these steering wheels have 3 spokes from the center airbag unit, though some have airbags and some do not. Some of these steering wheels are designed to be installed telescopically as well, to help provide drivers with an even more adjustable steering wheel setup.

DSV Steering Wheels

DSV has steering wheels that tend to be larger than some of the other leading brands. This company focuses primarily on 4 spoke steering wheels, and the wheels themselves tend to be larger around in circumference. This style suits drivers that have larger hands or who simply enjoy having a bit more wheel to hold onto while driving. Most of the DSV steering wheels come with an airbag built in as well.

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DSV_Ergo_SW2.jpgFinding the ideal steering wheel for your needs may take some time. Test out different wheels by holding and turning them before you select any one to install in your vehicle, and be sure that the wheel will not impede your ability to safely operate the vehicle.

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