C6 Z06 Intimidates BMW M4 on Nürburgring

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Corvette Z06 Chases BMW M4 Home
Typically, I never like to watch a Corvette trailing anything other than that U.S. Navy jet fighter Motor Trend pitted against a ZR1 back in 2009 that’s racked up over 14 million YouTube views.

However, a video I recently came across of a C6 Z06 chasing a BMW M4 on the Nürburgring is pretty entertaining as well, albeit not on the same level, especially with such a skilled driver behind the wheel.

Apparently some British mag was doing a feature on the M4, which I imagine had to make for a pretty shaky review with that C6 hot on his tail.

Oh, and be sure to zero in at the 7:25 mark, which highlights how dangerous that intimidation factor can be on a track.

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