C6 Corvette Battles a Focus RS, C4 Walks a 2018 Mustang GT

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These older Corvette coupes make short work of two of Ford’s top modern performance models.

This video comes to us from the SGTR YouTube channel and it features a pair of lightly-modified Corvette coupes taking on a pair of Ford’s top modern performance models. Not surprisingly, the Fords do not fare well against the older Chevy sports cars from a dig or a roll.

C6 Corvette and a Focus RS

The Competitors

In the video above, we get a look at four performance cars – a 2018 Ford Mustang GT, a 2017 Ford Focus RS, a C6 Chevrolet Corvette and a C4 Corvette. The C6 Vette has an automatic transmission with a 3800-stall, an exhaust system upgrade and an aftermarket camshaft while the C4 Corvette has a 150-shot of nitrous and an aftermarket automatic shifter. The new Mustang is stock and the Focus RS a cold air intake, a wastegate actuator, an upgrade front-mount intercooler, catback exhaust and a tune. The Focus also has the advantage of all-wheel-drive, which does come into play during the racing action.

The Cars Hit the Street

This video begins by showing the two Ford products going head-to-head in a pair of 40 mile per hour roll races. We don’t know how much power the Focus is making, but it is enough for the hatchback to walk away from the 460-horsepower Mustang in both short runs. Perhaps they included those clips so that we can compare the performance of the Focus to the new Mustang when the boosted hatchback takes on the C6 Corvette.

Next, the C6 Corvette takes on the Focus RS from a stop. The all-wheel-drive compact gets out to an early lead, but as we can see in both clips of this run, the Chevy quickly pulls ahead and takes the win. We don’t get to see the C6 run the Mustang, so perhaps the drivers decided that there was no point, since the Vette beat the Focus and the Focus crushed the Mustang.

So, to give the Mustang another shot at internet glory, a C4 Corvette took on the new Ford muscle car. In stock form, the old school Vette wouldn’t stand a chance against the new Mustang GT, but thanks to a 150-shot of nitrous, the C4 crushes the new Mustang.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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