C6 Corvette Drift Car Receives Monstrous New Motor

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If you want to build a world-beating drift car, a blown, all-aluminum LS isn’t a bad way to start.

When we last left Formula Drift driver Matt Field and his talented group of cronies, they were finalizing the structure of their badass C6 Corvette drift car build. You see, Field used to drift a Nissan 240, but that car is so last year. For the 2018 season, he wanted to get serious. And what better way to do than than with a brand new car based on the already excellent C6 Corvette?

C6 Corvette Drift Build Donut Media Matt Field

Of course, a solid structure, light weight, tire selection, and suspension setup are important considerations for any race car, including one that competes sideways. But if you don’t have the power to light up your tires effortlessly around each corner, you won’t get far in the world of competitive drifting. So this latest episode of “Drift Corvette” focuses on the final installation of what promises to be a monster of a motor.

That beastly hunk of metal is an all-aluminum, 427 cubic-inch mill with an RHS block, CBM Pro X heads, and a dry sump oiling setup. There was already an LS in the ‘Vette, presumably for mock up while they waited on the new mill. So that lump had to come out first, along with the rest of the drivetrain. Of course, installing an engine in a specialized racer like this C6 Corvette isn’t you average swap.

C6 Corvette Drift Build Donut Media Matt Field

Plenty of careful measurements and the installation of specialty parts is required first. A clutch delay valve helps prevent drivetrain shock. Flexible fuel lines have to be run so that there’s still clearance for the torque tube. And that’s just the start. But the results of all this hard work are obviously worth it. So far, the Corvette drift car is coming together quite nicely, and we can’t wait to see the end result!

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