C6 Drift Car Puts On Impressive Performance at USAir Motorsports Park

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C6 Corvette hangs it all out chasing down JDM imports sideways.

Drifting is simple. Get in your car, go to the track, and let loose your inner hooligan. Smoking tires while continuously linking corners together sideways is very satisfying, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why.

Of course, when people think of a typical drift car, they tend to think of something inexpensive, low-powered, and, typically, Japanese, like a Nissan 240SX. However, that’s changing a lot these days, with inexpensive American and European performance cars flooding the market, and this video from YouTube creator eletor is proof of that.

C6 Corvette Drifting at ClubFR USAir Motorsports Park CorvetteForum.com

At a recent ClubFR drift event, eletor captured a relatively subtle looking C6 Corvette, amongst the crowd of kitted up and slammed down 240s. Other than being lowered, sitting on some Forgestar CF5 wheels and maybe having an aftermarket exhaust, it basically looks stock. However, that in no way slows down what the Chevy is capable of.

Thanks to a generous power advantage from the LS3 engine, the C6 is easily able to hang with or carry more speed than the smaller Japanese imports. Throughout the video, you can hear the Subaru BRZs clutch-kicking constantly to keep those rear tires spinning. Meanwhile, the C6 is making more power at part throttle, even with nice, gentle inputs.

C6 Corvette Drifting at ClubFR USAir Motorsports Park CorvetteForum.com

Throughout the video, we see that C6 simply tearing up the pavement. And, with C6 prices continuing their fall into affordability, we suspect that we will be seeing even more of these cars in future events. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to the forum classifieds to try and pick up a cheap C6.

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