C6 Corvette-Themed Forum Photos of the Week

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C6 Corvette

It’s been a while since we had a good C6 Corvette photos of the week post, and that makes me sad. The C6 is one of my favorite generations, and at 266 pages deep, the main Corvette Forum C6 picture thread has some of the best photos around. As usual, I went through the last dozen or so pages to pick out some of my favorite shots and gathered them below.

If you are new around here and you somehow didn’t know this thread existed, I urge you to go check it out and dig really deep. There are hundreds and hundreds of great images held within. And if you own a C6 Corvette and haven’t added your own car, what are you waiting for?

When you get done checking out these 10 pictures, go find your own favorites in the thread, and be sure to drop their owners a little thank you for posting.

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

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