How-To Spotlight: C6 Front Headlight Bulb Replacement

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Replacing a Blown Headlight Bulb in the C6 Corvette Isn’t Easy, But It’s Not Impossible. Let Us Prove It to You

We should likely preface this whole thing by saying that changing a car’s light bulb used to be easier. Of course, most things on a vehicle used to be simpler. But changing out the high-intensity light bulbs on the C6 Corvette is still not as difficult as it may appear.

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This week’s How-To article¬†walks you through the whole process of changing out the HID bulb on the C6 Corvette. It also offers some things to keep in mind through the various steps involved. In the C4 Corvette, an individual has to physically pull the knob that turns on the lights, and then push it back in roughly half way in order to stop the rotation of the headlamp assembly. Then you have to unscrew four different bolts, and remove the cover housing. Then you have access to the port to the light bulb. Not an easy task, but it still may be a touch easier than the C6.

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So what does it take to replace a light bulb in the sixth-generation Corvette? There are several steps that need to be worked through, and unfortunately it is not an easy process. It’s not impossible either, but the folks at the auto parts store aren’t likely to do this one for free in the parking lot. Technology and modernization has made the process a bit of a headache, but in most cases there is a method to the madness.

Considering the wide array of aftermarket light bulbs, and even entire headlamp assemblies, this process has to have been simplified by someone. Take a read through the linked article, and if you can share some insight in making the process more streamlined, please do let us know!

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