C6 Corvette Grand Sport Battles BMW Z4 M at Laguna Seca

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The C6 Corvette Grand Sport was the epitome of balance. That balance is fully on display as this one slides around the track.

When the C6 Corvette Grand Sport debuted, it was an interesting case. Here was a car that split the difference between the base Corvette and the more track-focused Z06. One that offered no additional power upgrade, yet plenty in the way of suspension wizardry. And its performance fell right in between the two as well, offering Corvette fans a much more affordable way to go fast. In other words, it’s the very definition of balance.

Thus, it’s no surprise that the C6 Corvette GS remains an incredibly popular track toy, even today. And after you watch this clip from YouTuber Steven Kronemberger, it’s easy to see why. Here we have an essentially stock C6 Corvette GS wearing nothing more than stickier rubber. But that’s more than enough to do battle with other, various machinery on the track. Including a modified BMW Z4 M.

C6 Corvette Z06

The coupe successor to the Z3 M roadster might look a little odd, but it’s a rather capable machine in its own right. The very definition of hot rodding is tossing a large motor in a little car, and that’s exactly what this was. Sporting BMW’s legendary 3.2-liter S54 straight-six, the Z4 M is a high-revving, smaller, lighter version of the M3. So it’s obviously quick, even without mods.

C6 Corvette Z06

But that doesn’t stop our C6 Corvette friend from giving it fits on the track. The ‘Vette loses a little coming out of the corners, but routinely makes up that lost ground with no problem. And in the process, both cars pass a winged Porsche 911. It’s a pretty epic and evenly matched battle all around. And it’s also more proof that the C6 Corvette Grand Sport is one heck of a fun track toy, even by today’s standards!

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