C6 Corvette: How to change the oil

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Equipment and Materials Required

2 ramps
2 jack stands
a low-profile floor jack
2 lift pads
oil filter wrench (also called a strap wrench)
15mm box wrench
2 wood blocks (or bricks)
a wooden 2 x 4
an oil drain pan
a rag
some newspaper
oil filter
6.5 quarts 5W 30 oil

Change your C6 Corvette’s oil when the DIC shows between 25% and 0%
of oil life remaining. (If you drive in dusty conditions, you should
change it every 3,000 miles regardless of the DIC indicator. This is
because the indicator does not take dust accumulation into

Caution: It is advisable to have someone guide you as you
drive your Corvette up onto the front ramps.

Step-By-Step Instructions

1) Place the two ramps directly in front of your C6 Corvette. With
the vehicle on a completely level surface, slowly drive it up onto the
ramps and stop. Place the car in Park (or in first gear if yours is a
manual transmission) and set the parking brake. Step out of the Corvette
and place one wood block (or brick) behind each of the front tires.

Caution: You must ?block? the vehicle with the wood blocks or
bricks. This will prevent the Corvette from rolling after you jack up
the rear end of the car. When the rear wheels are off of the ground,
placing the transmission in gear or in park and setting the parking
brake will not prevent the car from rolling.

2) Locate the rear jack point. This is the crossmember in front of
the anti-sway bar and behind the rear leafspring with two large braces.
Roll the floor jack near the back of the Corvette. Position the wooden 2
x 4 on the floorjack so it extends over both aluminum ribs on the
crossmember and is centered on the jack’s plate. Center the floor jack
to the jack point and carefully jack the car up so that it is one or two
inches higher than the front of the car. Place the two lift pads on the
jack stands, then place the jack stands underneath the crossmember.
Slowly lower the car onto the jack stands and remove the floor jack.

3) Place the oil drain pan underneath and in front of the oil pan.
Open the hood of the Corvette and remove the oil filler cap; also loosen
the dipstick by pulling up on it about one inch (this relieves
pressure, allowing the oil to drain faster). Use the 15mm box wrench to
loosen and remove the drain pan nut.

4) Allow the oil to drain from the oil pan (this should take 10 to15
minutes). After the oil has drained to where there is just a trickle
coming out of the pan, replace the drain plug nut and tighten snuggly.
Corvette service manual specifies the nut should be tightened to 18 lbs.
ft. using a torque wrench. However, tightening the nut snuggly should
be sufficient.)

5) Being careful not to spill the oil in the oil drain pain, slowly
move it so that is underneath the oil filter. Place the ?loop? of the
oil filter wrench over the oil filter. Slowly turn the filter until it
loosens enough so you can turn it by hand. Slip the oil filter wrench
off of the filter. Turn the oil filter until it comes completely off of
the vehicle. Turn the filter upside-down over the pan and allow the oil
to drain out of it. After most of the oil is out of the filter, place it
out of the way on the newspaper, open side up. 

6) Use the rag to wipe the filter mating surface of the Corvette,
removing any debris. Open one of the quarts of oil and dab a small
amount of oil onto your index finger. Remove the new oil filter from the
carton and wipe the filter’s gasket with the oil on your finger. This
will assure a secure mating of the filter to the vehicle.

7) Screw the new oil filter on the Corvette so it fits snuggly. Then
turn it one more one-quarter turn.  DOT NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

8) Lower the rear of the car in reverse order from when you jacked it
up. In the engine compartment, open the oil-filler cap. Add 6 quarts of
oil and wait a minimum of 3 minutes for the oil to flow into the oil
pan. Start the engine and check for leaks (especially around the oil
drain plug and the oil filter).

9) Have your assistant guide you as you slowly drive the Corvette off
of the front ramps. Allow the engine to idle for about 5 minutes, then
check the oil. It should be about one-half quart low. Turn off the
engine and add the remaining one-half quart of oil. Start the engine
once more, allowing it to idle for one or two minutes. Shut off the
motor and check the oil; it should be at the ?full? mark on the

10) To reset the ?oil life? indicator on the DIC, turn the ignition
to the ?on? position but do not start the engine. Push the ?trip? button
on the DIC until it shows ?Oil Life? percentage. Finally, press and
hold the reset button for two seconds. ?Oil Life Remain 100%? will
appear on the display.

11) Drain the oil from the oil drain pan into a suitable container.
Dispose of the used oil and oil filter properly.

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