C6 Corvette May Be the Ultimate Drift Car Platform

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A small handful of simple mods is all you need to turn a stock C6 Corvette into a pro-level drift car.

Drifting, despite the fact that it’s been around for a pretty long time, still seems like the new kid on the motorsports block. But the art of going sideways has been slowing gaining steam here in the U.S., offering up a new and highly entertaining way to spend your weekends on a track. And when you consider the fact that the sport favors rear-wheel drive, V8-powered rigs, it’s no surprise that many drifters are levitating toward the Corvette. Heck, drifter Taylor Ray even calls the C6 Corvette “the best car I’ve ever drifted.” High praise, indeed.

But where else can you find something so incredibly capable for such a bargain basement price? Used Corvettes are everywhere. Parts are generally cheap and easily accessible, and these things are incredibly responsive to mods. All of which makes the C6 Corvette the perfect candidate for a terrific drifting machine. And this particular car offers up plenty of the above with a bigger cam, LS3 heads, and other mods that bump horsepower up to nearly 500 at the wheels.

C6 Corvette

Toss on some modified knuckles for increased steering angle, and a handbrake, and boom, instant drift car. Where else can you build a competitive race car so easily? Out of the 50 or so drift cars the owner of this C6 Corvette has burned through, he calls this one the best. And it’s pretty easy to see why.

When Ray slips behind the wheel, he’s admittedly “blown away” by the results of those simple mods. “This thing is so good. I can’t get over it. It’s got so much grip it feels like a pro-level car.” The C6 Corvette proves so easy to flick sideways that he even likens it to a cheat code. So it’s no wonder why drifters are levitating toward these cars in throes!

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