C6 Corvette Rolex Race Car Takes on Toronto Motorsports Park

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Built for the Rolex Sports Car Series, this C6 uses a mix of exotic materials and standard production parts. 

Corvette Racing has long been around, and has always been active at LeMans. Privateer racers have also been able to enjoy this string of success, and one such car is this C6. Speed Academy was able to check out all the details, and host Dave Pratte talks with the folks at Georgian Bay Motorsports about their sleek black Corvette.

Built from the ground up, this C6 is a full tube frame chassis, and as you can expect, quite a number of other things about the car are bespoke for top-tier racing. Cloaked in a body of carbon fiber, which weighs just 107 lbs, this Corvette is truly a lightweight, especially with an overall weight of just 2450.

Rolex C6 Corvette

Aside from the body and skin, the car’s engine is rather normal. Rules for the Rolex series required a stock based engine to be used, so an LS7 has found a home under the carbon fiber hood. Per rules, blueprinting and engine balancing were allowed, resulting in a rather modest 380 wheel horsepower. Quite at odds with its exterior appearance, however, being mostly stock and un-stressed, it was a good package for endurance racing. Now that this car is outside of the scrutiny of a rule-book, it makes about 440 to the wheels.

Rolex C6 Corvette

Toronto Motorsports Park was this Corvette’s playground during the filming of this video, and the chilly temperatures were quite evident. On-board video showed a driver struggling to get heat into the tires. However the interesting handling characteristics could also be somewhat attributed  to this Corvette’s use of a live axle out back.

In all, the C6 racer was able to crack off a time of 1:14.77, good enough for second place on Speed Academy’s leaderboard. With some more tweaking and warmer temps, they were sure that another second or two were left on the table. Judging by the car looking like a handful out on course, we believe it.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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