C6 Corvette Seat Options

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11_ch_cor_zr1_ovr_interior.jpgThe C6 Corvette is a high-end machine, designed to be at the top of the market both inside and out. To get the most out of your interior, it is important to keep in mind the different C6 Corvette seat options that you have when you purchase a vehicle of this type.

The seat in which you drive will make a major difference in your comfort level, and it can also affect the style and manner of your driving as well. Different seats will work better for different people, but it’s important to ensure that any seats you buy be comfortable and allow you to see properly from the windshield, as well as to operate all of the controls of the vehicle without any concern or trouble.

Recaro Pole Position Seats

manufactures a set of pole position seats that are standard in many C6 Corvettes. These seats are designed with extra padding and support to ensure that they will be both comfortable to sit in and that they will not cause injury to a driver’s back or legs. They are designed primarily for drivers with shorter torsos, however, as the harness holes in the seat back are positioned somewhat low on the seat. The ample area around the midsection of the seat will accommodate virtually any size waist in a driver.

Callaway Sports Seats

Callaway Sports Seats are designed as bucket seats. These can be used for either sport or standard driving and are focused on both safety and comfort. The deep bucket of the seat and the protective design on the side eliminates the need for any side airbags.  One of the primary criticisms of this type of seat is that it can be difficult for a driver to get into or out of a car with these seats.

Bride Racing Seats

Bride racing seats are focused primarily on safety and price efficiency. These seats do not provide the deep bucket design of seats by Callaway and other brands. However, their high quality leather exterior is durable and the seats are ergonomically built for comfort. These seats are also rated highly in terms of safety. One of the best qualities of all is that they are priced hundreds or even thousands of dollars cheaper than some of the other most famous brands of racing seats.

Finding the ideal seat for your C6 Corvette, no matter what type of driving you prefer, is both a question of comfort and price. It’s most important, however, to always ensure that you’ll be safe while driving. When in doubt about which seat will be best, consult with an expert or a Corvette dealer for more information about how to choose the right seat for your safety needs.

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