C6 ZR1 Stars in Behind the Scenes Photoshoot with Itself

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Here’s what it takes to nail the perfect night time shoot, featuring a C6 ZR1 as the model and photographer.

You’ve seen plenty of videos and photos of Corvettes on YouTube and elsewhere. Whether it’s a C1 cruising down Woodward Avenue, or a C7 ZR1 doing a roll on the highways of “Mexico,” the essence of the Corvette is captured beautifully by some of our favorite photographers and videographers.

Ever wonder how it’s done, though? The crew behind YouTube channel Don’t Sleep recently shot a C6-era ZR1 in a parking garage at nighttime in their San Antonio, Texas home. While the results won’t be up for some time, we do get to see the magic being made.

After a stop at their nearest convenience store for the all-nighter, the crew pull into the garage and immediately go to work setting up a simple camera rig, suction cup-mounted onto the hood of the ZR1 itself.


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Once the boom is secured, it’s time for the DSLR to be attached and aimed at the right angle to capture the ZR1’s glory. Then, it’s off for a slow cruise around the garage for some baller shots of the rolling stock.

Brought back to its original spot, one of the crew gets ready to create some light art magic with an LED light painting tool. With the ZR1 as the blank canvas, the tool is run across the driver’s side over and over. Meanwhile, the camera sits on the ground upon its tripod, slowly capturing each stroke of the tool until the image is perfect.

C6 ZR1 Behind the Scenes

The result? A ghostly apparition of the Corvette logo flying above the ZR1, looking as majestic as a bald eagle in flight. We can’t wait to see the rest of this night time photoshoot.

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