C6 Corvette ZR1 Wins Big Payout from Grudge-racing Matches

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Corvette driver puts his money where his mouth is and wins, a lot. 

Save for a few years in the ’70s and ’80s, there really hasn’t been a time when the Corvette hasn’t been a world-beater. But you wouldn’t know it from looking at the attitudes European gearheads have toward the car. And on the racing scene, it seems like any punk kid with a souped-up Fox Body Mustang is looking to start trouble against a ‘Vette. Yes, sometimes the Corvette, in the words of Rodney Dangerfield, seemingly¬†“gets no respect.”

That’s especially true for the C5 and C6 cars. Heavyweights in their day, they’re starting to bottom out in price now. While that makes them ideal budget cars for fans, it also makes them easy targets for snobs. That’s why we love this video. Called “C6 ZR1 Takes Grudge Racing Seriously,” it’s a compilation of a white C6 ZR1 absolutely destroying competitors on the drag strip. And it’s an absolute must-watch.


Posted by Late Model Racecraft, a Houston, Texas-based tuning shop, they’re clearly proud of their work. Not much info is given on the car, and there’s no dialogue. But this is how they describe the scene: “Customer of ours [sic] has been out enjoying the upgrades we have done to his C6 ZR1! When we say enjoying we really mean killing anything he lines up with. Logging a 8-0 [sic] record and taking in a whole bunch of cash! Checkout [sic] some of the action in this video!”


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In the relatively short clip, we see this ZR1 destroy a Mustang GT, a Fox Body Mustang, a pickup truck, and a G-Body Buick Regal. And to drive the point home that the driver is playing hardball, there’s a photo showing the thousands of dollars they supposedly won racing. Isn’t it great when your hobbies start paying off?

We wish that there was more info on this C6. Instead, we’ll just have to console ourselves on watching this bonkers ZR1 rear back on its rear wheels and destroy opponent after opponent.

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