C7 Corvette Built by Nicolas Cage for Sale in Vegas?

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Nicolas Cage plate

It appears that the fever for the new Corvette has even struck Nicolas Cage.

Now, we aren’t certain if it’s the actual actor Nicolas Cage who hand built an engine at the Bowling Green factory, but there’s definitely someone who thought the name was fit for the signature plate above.

According to Auto Evolution, VIN decoders indicates that the 1G1YL2D72E5113559 number above belongs to a 2014 Stingray coupe with the Z51 package and the 3LT trim level.

Nic Cage Corvette

Even more bizarre, the car (shown above) is apparently now up for sale in Las Vegas with an asking price of $77,900 with 800 miles on the odometer. Under normal circumstances, I’d say that’s proof the Corvette isn’t the actual celebrity’s, considering I can’t imagine any star not wanting a C7 in their collection, as hot as the car is right now.

However, given the fact that the actor Nicolas Cage has had issues in the past with spending too much on automobiles, I guess it’s not too far-fetched to think that he could be trying to ditch a C7 for the cash. Especially in Vegas.

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via [AutoEvolution]

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