C7 Corvette Bodied Pro Mod Runs a 5.73 Quarter-Mile at Ludicrous Speed

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You’ll definitely want to buckle up for this one.

Of course, that’s pretty much understood anytime you’re talking about anything the teams at Al Anabi Performance (AAP) and Qatar Racing Club (QRC) have pulled together. These guys have a reputation for building blistering fast racecars, which this C7-bodied Pro Mod cementing that rep in astonishing form.

The 1320video posted below shows the nearly 3,000-horsepower monster pulling off a ¼ mile run in 5.73 seconds at an earth-shattering speed of 249.49 mph. Apparently, it’s not the record for the Quickest NHRA Legal ¼ mile Pro Mod Pass, as was initially reported, but it’s pretty clear this thing is blistering fast.

We imagine that the AAP and QRC teams were pretty disappointed to learn that they didn’t break that coveted ¼ mile record at NHRA. But given the team’s passion for winning, we wouldn’t be surprised if they claim that title soon.

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Via [1320video]

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