What if the C7 Corvette had been Designed in Brazil?

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2014 Chevrolet C7 Corvette Stingray in Red, Silver, Blue

Good looks are good looks, right? Aside from the rear-end many of you would change at the drop of a hat, the C7 Corvette is a successful design, but what if that successful design had been penned from someone outside of the United States? Would that transform your love for the C7 Corvette into anguish?

With so much riding on the redesign of an American icon like the Corvette, GM’s design executives took submissions from GM design studios all over the world. Hundreds of sketches were submitted to Detroit. Of course, only one could be chosen, and the difficult decision-making came when choosing between the final two submissions. One was from the Corvette’s in-house design team, while the other came from GM Brazil.

With GM’s corporate design board looking to attract a younger and more affluent clientele, the board ended up choosing the American team’s design as the one best-equipped to enchant a buyer more familiar with sports cars of a European persuasion.

Many people shudder at the fact that the Corvette could have been designed by a team in Brazil. There are even some who object to a Corvette design penned by someone born outside the United States, as though the requirement to design a Corvette is the same as the requirement to become President of the United States, but does it really matter who designs a car, or where it’s designed, especially if the end-result is breathtaking? The fifth-gen Camaro was designed by Korean-born Sangyup Lee, and many consider him instrumental in the success of Chevrolet’s modern-day muscle car.

Would you be less likely to buy a Corvette if it had been designed outside of the United States?

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