C7 Corvette Grand Sport Collector Edition Limited to 1,000 Units

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2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

Still dreaming about that 2017 C7 Corvette Grand Sport? You’re not the only one. But if you want a numbered, blue-accented Collector Edition, those dreams just took a bit of a turn with news that Chevy will only produce 1,000 units of the new C7 variant, according to a GM Authority report.


General Motors hasn’t released any official information regarding the number of C7 Grand Sport Corvettes that will be produced in total; however, based on a photo of the VIN plaque from the Grand Sport Collector Edition’s shown in Geneva, which reads “0001/1000,” it seems as though there will only be 1000 Collector Edition models built.

Sure, we pretty much expected a fairly limited run for the C7 Grand Sport Collector Edition. That’s always been the mode of operation with these kinds of special models. Still, it doesn’t make it any less stressful for those who’ve been gearing up to try to buy one of the coveted new Corvettes. Well, at least there’s always the “base” Grand Sport.

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