C7 Corvette Looks Stunning In Project CARS 2

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Project Cars 2 Corvette

Digital gaming world is making it easier than ever to appreciate Corvette’s striking lines.

Project CARS 2 is still months away from release, but that hasn’t stopped us from getting a real long look at the latest racing sim from Slightly Mad Studios. We managed to get some beta code from the studio and spent a lot of time looking at all the new things they are adding to the game. Of course we also spent plenty of time checking out the C7 Z06 and C7.R that is included in the game.

When it comes to the cars, Slightly Mad is once again showing off its incredible attention to detail. Despite being months from release, the car models look incredible. From the studded winter tires when it’s snowing, all the way down to adding the 3D texturing on the nose badge of the Corvette, the detail is striking. The first game was beautiful to look at and this version is no different. Seeing the Z06 run down Pacific Coast Highway at sunset is a sight to behold, and the feeling of drifting that 650-hp beast around a corner by the seaside makes us giddy.

As for changes to the main game, they are adding several new racing disciplines to the franchise bringing the total up to 29 different kinds of motorsports. Some share similarities like the open-wheel racers and the vintage open-wheel racers, but there are variations all the way out to RallyCross, so there should be something for everyone.


Project CARS 2 is adding various levels of snow to the game, and we can’t believe how hilarious and awesome it makes things.


The general Career mode has also been expanded pretty dramatically thanks to all the new cars, tracks and racing disciplines, but our favorite change is the weather system. Project CARS 2 is adding various levels of snow to the game, and we can’t believe how hilarious and awesome it makes things. Watching a bunch of supercars trying to get around Laguna Seca in the snow will have you doubled over in laughter — not to mention that rather stunning visual effect it has on the way game looks.

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The game still has far too many rough edges for us to make any sort of informed decision on how well it will play and feel when it launches, so instead we just spent some time playing with our favorite Corvettes. We made sure to take a bunch of screenshots for you as well so you can see how the bearer of the Crossed Flags looks in this new game. We even took shots of the C7.R in the snow at Circuit of the Americas. Because why not?

Enjoy the gallery and look for more thoughts on Project CARS 2 when the game is closer to release.

These Project CARS 2 images were secured using pre-release beta code provided by Slightly Mad Studios. All images captured at 1080p on the Project Stingray PC using maximum available settings.

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