C7 Corvette Loses 180 HP, Somehow Gets Faster

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Sometimes, less is more. And that’s absolutely the case with this Powerglide-equipped C7 Corvette.

The funny thing about racing is that it isn’t a perfect science. Getting faster at the track, no matter what kind of track it is, isn’t as simple as throwing power or parts at a car. Sometimes, like most things in life, less can be more. And that was exactly the case with this drag racing C7 Corvette.

But in this instance, a power loss is deliberate and expected. Why, you ask? Well, it has something most cars of this vintage don’t have – an old school, 2-speed Powerglide transmission. Not to mention a 9-inch Ford rear end. So YouTuber¬†Stangkilr Productions¬†knows that this C7 Corvette will lose some power as a result, but how much?

C7 Corvette

They expect a 100-150 hp loss, but even that proves a little conservative. But this ‘Vette, which previously put down 1,189 ponies, could stand to lose a couple. And it does, putting down a best of just over 1,000 hp with the slush box. But as any good drag racer knows, a high-stall, quick-shifting automatic is typically faster and more consistent down the quarter mile than a manual.

Even with healthy amounts of wheelspin, the C7 Corvette runs a 10.30 at 150 mph. Unfortunately, a broken belt on the next pass made the day end prematurely. But he was also able to make a 155 mph roll pass beforehand, a full 6 mph faster than the car did with a manual. Which is pretty amazing when you think about it.

In the case of this drag racing C7, less is certainly more. And we’re looking forward to seeing what it can actually do once everything gets dialed in!

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