C7 Corvette Meets Lexus IS F at the Drag Strip

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C7 Corvette Stingray vs Lexus IS F Home

This drag race between a C7 Corvette and Lexus IS F could play out a couple of ways:

Scenario One: Both the Lexus IS F and the C7 Corvette are stock. The Corvette’s 39 to 44-horsepower advantage combined with its 400-pound weight advantage over the IS F means the Corvette beats the living hell out of the Lexus, and you come away from watching the video with a smile on your face, but a frown in the back of your mind because you were deprived of watching a real battle.

Scenario Two: The IS F is modded to a level commensurate with the Corvette’s abilities, which means you get to see a really good drag race, which also means you come away from watching the video with a smile on your face even if the Corvette ends up losing.

Scenario Three: Just before the Christmas tree goes green, an extraterrestrial spaceship pulls the Corvette and IS F off the drag strip and into the craft so that our friends in space can perform a couple of their famous examinations on both drivers.

Is the suspense killing you? Click play below to see which scenario unfolds.

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