C7 Corvette Owners Gather to Show off Their Favorite Pictures

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Do you have any good pictures of your own Corvette?

In a recent thread from Corvette Forum member Always_Red_Dave asked asked fellow members to post their one (and only one) favorite photograph of their C7 generation Corvettes. Fortunately for Dave, our members are never shy with pictures of their cars. The thread is already filling up with incredible snaps, both professional shots and cell phone shots. Nobody said these photos had to be the best, just a favorite. That being said, most of these photos are absolutely killer. Below is just a small sample of some of the greats.

As car folks, we tend to find ourselves pointing the viewfinder at our own cars more often than not. In this day of social media ubiquity, we can hardly drive to the grocery store without snapping a pic of our pride and joy. Any time you see an incredible backdrop, or a particularly beautiful sky, you have a really great camera in your pocket that can then instantly upload that photo directly to your followers and friends. Ease of use has definitely contributed to a massive increase in the frequency of photo-taking. We point that camera at the thing we most like to look at, so that means lots of photos of significant others, children, and our Corvettes, right?

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We all love to show our cars off in social situations, handing an iPhone screen around at a dinner party while proudly exclaiming, “Yeah, that’s my Corvette.” Each one of us is guilty of similar charges. Here is an outlet for your desire to show off your ride, and this time people will likely appreciate your photo, rather than saying, “Oh wow, how fast does it go?

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