C7 Corvette Runs Charger Hellcat in the Streets for Big Cash Prize

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C7 driver and Hellcat driver had a bet going, as did most of the crowd in this nutty street race.

Some wacky things go down in The Valley. The Northwestern corner of Los Angeles is home to the rich, the famous, and, in equal measures, the infamous. Kind of like the 818 1320 crew. Named after the 818 area code, this group of street racers, despite the obvious risks, is aiming for Internet gold with fast cars, call outs and big figure bets on races.

Now, we do not condone street racing, of course, but the group’s latest race has been captured on video, and being the huge car enthusiasts that we are, we can’t exactly look away. The 818 1320 crew’s latest clip has a modified Dodge Charger Hellcat throwing down against a C7 Corvette. Both appear to be set up specifically for drag racing, with both cars seemingly running on 10.5 drag radial tires. Heck, the C7 even has skinnies in the front. Both are also loud, and a bit sketchy in the back half, as the video shows early on.

Both of these big bad competitors have some spare cash to swing around, as each side of this dogfight has, according to the video, put up $2,140 to bet, making for a $4,280 total pay out. Amusingly, despite being a “street car” fight (taking that one lightly), one of the race organizers can be seen laying track prep down on the pavement, and torching it for better adhesion.


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There’s a big build up to the race, with both the Hellcat and the ‘Vette cleaning and warming up those big rear tires. Then the inevitable crowd trash talk happens. Then, the BS stops. Both cars are lined up and the flagger ready. This heads up race is about to be decided.

Charger Hellcat street races C7 Corvette for cash

And, wow, talk about a blow out! Both cars launch hard, but it’s clear that the Hellcat driver is spinning the tires hard. The ‘Vette gets a clean launch and pulls hard, with the Hellcat driving ultimately lifting out of it before the car gets too sideways. Better luck next time, Dodge. Either way, we’d have felt a helluva lot easier if we were watching this battle take place on a secured track.

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