C7 Corvette Stingray Shipping Today

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Remember the reveal in Detroit? The ordering process? Well, the long wait is finally coming to end. We just received confirmation from Mike Furman at Criswell Chevy (Gaithersburg, MD) that the first batch of Vettes has finished QA and is shipping today. Mr. Furman spent the last few days at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch along with other top tier dealers and more than 120 Corvettes familiarizing themselves with the new car on the race track. He spent time racking up laps on the road course, wet skipad, and slalom course.

It sounds like he had a blast! More importantly, he told us that he expected customer deliveries to begin THIS Friday or Monday. The cars are probably being loaded and trucking (or train-ing (?)) out as I type this… After picking yours up please start a thread, we’d love to feature the first ones! So exciting!!!

Update: Detroit News has confirmed this as well, here.

Thanks to Dave Salvatore from Kerbeck Corvette (Atlantic City, NJ) for the pic!

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