C7 Corvette Z06: Too Much for Porsche People?

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“Driving this beast makes me a little nervous,”┬ásays Porsche driver.

Nick Murray is a YouTube automotive specialist who daily drives a new Porsche 911. In this particular video, he’s got his hands on a fresh-off-the-showroom-floor 2018 Corvette Z06. Because the Porsche is his frame of reference, it’s interesting to see how much he likes driving the Z06.

Corvette Z06 Versus Porsche 911

Often you hear about Porsche drivers, or other luxury sports car owners, thumbing their nose at the brilliant Corvette, but as is often the case, Nick is just a car guy who happens to own a Porsche. You can tell the Corvette is certainly rawer than what he’s used to dealing with in the Carrera 4S, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying the experience.

Being Corvette fans, we don’t necessarily need our choices validated by a Porsche owner, but it certainly doesn’t hurt when they call a Z06 a bang-for-the-buck car and refer to it as “an insane streak of red death”. The performance of the Z06 is head and shoulders above the Porsche, though he does note that visibility, seat bolstering, comfort, and noise suppression is improved in the 911 over the Corvette. Of course, he would say that: he owns one.


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Through the course of the video, you’ll see Nick driving his friend’s Corvette Z06 and scaring himself in the process. They trade keys for a bit of a rolling highway drag race before they’re interrupted by the “Mexican Federales”. At any speed, however, it’s simple to see that the Corvette is so much faster than the Porsche. Once they return back to home base, they spend some time talking over the options the car was ordered with, and some of the more interesting features. Nick seems particularly taken by the dual-zone climate control and the storage space behind the infotainment screen.

He seems taken aback by how much the Corvette’s interior has improved lately. Even as Corvette enthusiasts, we’re quite smitten with the C7’s interior, so it’s easy for us to see why he likes it.

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