C7 Corvette Z06 Shows Off for Crowd, Promptly Crashes

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C7 Corvette owner was shooting to become internet famous. He certainly accomplished that goal.

We’ve said it before. And, well, we’ll probably be saying it indefinitely. But showing off your high horse machine on the streets is rarely a good idea. Sure, if things go well, you could score that coveted glory so desperately missing from your life. But if they go bad, you could find yourself in jail and car-less. Or worse, upside down in a ditch. Thankfully, none of that applies to this 9-second C7 Corvette Z06. But things still went horribly wrong when he tried to show off for an onlooking car show crowd.

After cruising down a row of other cars, the ‘Vette driver decides to stop and give the crowd a little something. Which, of course, leads to everyone whipping out their cell phones and recording the footage. It’s kind of the modern day equivalent of “hold my beer,” because something good or bad is about to happen. You’re just never sure which one it’ll be.

C7 Corvette Z06

In this case, it’s pretty bad. The C7 Corvette driver starts out impressively enough with a nice burnout. But once he starts to roll, things quickly go south. The ‘Vette loses control and spins off the road, thankfully in between a bunch of parked cars instead of into them. Or the people standing nearby. Then, it comes to a rest on a small embankment.

C7 Corvette Z06

Things obviously could have gone a whole lot worse. There doesn’t appear to even be a whole lot of damage, outside of a flat tire. Even though the driver unwisely four-wheels it up the embankment and over the curb.

Now, the owner of this C7 Corvette gets to live on in infamy. It’s just not exactly the kind of fame he was looking for!

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