Woman in C7 Rattles Man in Viper on Drag Strip

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C7 vs. Viper text image
Here’s a bit of advice for any Viper guys who might be trolling this site: when you’re up against a Corvette in a race, you just might want to hold off on the trash talking — even if it’s a woman driving a ‘Vette.

Just ask the guy featured in this 1320video of the Street Car Takeover OKC in a 30 mph drag strip roll race.

In the four-minute clip, the driver of the 2006 Viper teases the woman driving the C7 who goes by “Miss Stangkilr”. He says that she’ll be making him a sandwich after the race. Roughly a minute later, old Viper boy is eating his words.

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Clearly, his 480-horsepower Nitrous Outlet Equipped Dodge was no match for the Procharged 570 hp Corvette, even though it’s noted the Viper wasn’t spraying on the pass.

The best part of the clip comes at about the 3:30 mark watching the Viper driver make “Miss Stangkilr” a real sandwich, which must have torn him up inside.

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