Facebook Fridays: C7 Grand Sport Bird’s-Eye View

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C7 Grandsport

This Bird’s-Eye View Isn’t Just Cool. It Also Helps Illustrate the C7 Grand Sport’s Track Capabilities

Most folks who have driven the C7 Grand Sport would argue that the best view of the car is from behind the driver’s seat. Particularly while racing around the track, or driving it on some open canyon road. But this bird’s-eye view of the Corvette cornering around the track is quite the visual, as well.

That’s why we chose the photo from the official Corvette Facebook page for this week’s Facebook Fridays pic. While it’s certainly a killer shot, the pic was actually posted in order to showcase the car’s dry-sump oil system.

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As most here at Corvette Forum probably already know, a dry sump oil system significantly improves the performance of the Grand Sport. It helps facilitate oil flow through extreme G-forces. Unlike the typical oil system set-up, the dry sump enables a car like the Grand Sport to store oil during cornering situations. And the dry sump system also helps keep things cooler during high-performance driving.

Most Grand Sport owners may never even use the system, unless they spend a lot of time tracking the car. Then again, we guess that’s why one would buy the Grand Sport over one of the other C7 variants, right?

Sure, maybe not all Grand Sport drivers buy the cars for the track. But we imagine a pretty huge share of buyers do. That said, there’s also some beauty in just knowing what the Grand Sport is capable of during high-performance situations. And that’s clearly displayed in this week’s Facebook Fridays photo.

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