C7 Owner Searching for Dad’s ’64 Corvette

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If you’re looking for a worthy cause to help out a fellow Corvette lover, you might find this one interesting.

Now, it certainly won’t have the same kind of impact as contributing to the families of that Ronald McDonald House highlighted in the Corvette Forum story here, but I bet a lot of fellow Corvette owners can relate to the plight of Dawn Hughes.

Huges, a C7 owner who first acquired her love for ‘Vettes from her deceased dad, is trying to track down a 1964 C2 her father had to sell nearly 50 years ago, hoping for nothing more than to be reconnected with the car again, as highlighted in a GM Authority report.

Even if someone else now owns the Corvette, I get the impression that just being able to take a photo with the car would be enough for Dawn.

It’s a mission that was sparked when Dawn was looking up the VIN (408675111410) for her dad’s Corvette, and realizing that he sold the car back in 1966 on the same day she received the title for her C7, June 15.

Coincidence? Maybe. Then again, maybe not. Either way, it’s certainly worth sharing here to see if we can help a fellow Corvette owner bring closure to losing a loved one.

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via [GM Authority]

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