C7.R Edition Corvette Flexes 1,400 HP and Outruns Exotics

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Take a fully built crate motor, toss it in a highly-limited C7.R special edition Corvette, and the results are glorious.

Since the very first C1 Corvette came into existence, Chevy’s fiberglass wonder has been punching above its weight class. As in, running with the likes of exotic, expensive cars like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and McLarens for way less money. And personally, we never get tired of watching a ‘Vette embarrass rich folks in their fancy rides. Thus, we couldn’t stop chuckling when we came across this awesome video from YouTuber Daily Driven Exotics.

If you’re familiar with the channel, you already know that DDE drives a rather sweet, highly-modified Lambo. Which he, of course, drives a lot. So we give him major kudos for that. In this episode, DDE cruises over to his friend’s incredible garage, which is filled with some of the most exotic machinery on the planet. But in the corner lies something truly special — a 1,400-horsepower Corvette they like to call the “widowmaker.”

C7.R Corvette

But this isn’t just your average modern ‘Vette either. It’s actually a C7.R Edition, one of only 500 produced. Wearing acres of carbon fiber and Chevy’s Z07 Performance Package, it’s a formidable car in stock form. But the owner of this particular car reportedly invested as much in a brand new, heavily-built crate motor as he did buying the Corvette in the first place. It now, reportedly, blazes the quarter-mile in just 8.6 seconds.

C7.R Corvette

As you might’ve guessed, it’s pretty darn fast on the street, too. Fast enough to absolutely walk away from this built Lambo. Additionally, the sounds it emits are nothing short of incredible. Close your eyes, and you’d think that it was an actual C7.R racer instead of just a street-going special edition. So the only thing left to ask is, are there any built exotics out there capable of taking this mighty Corvette down? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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