C7.R Edition Z06 Corvette Pulls in $500,000 at Barrett Jackson Auction

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I’m wondering if this will kill some of the doubts about the appeal of the Corvette Z06 C7.R Edition that have circulated here at Corvette Forum since news first broke about the special edition.

Yeah, I know – it’s typically all about the charities when it comes to new models like this crossing the auction blocks for big bucks. And yet, I get the sense that the $500,000 bid the ‘Vette garnered at the recent Las Vegas Barrett Jackson auction will significantly boost the appeal of the remaining 499 models of the limited-edition Corvette.

Sure, this particular C7.R holds a lot more value than the other models, being that it’s VIN 001 and was signed by the factory race car drivers to benefit the College of Creative Studies, a four-year arts and design school in Detroit, as highlighted by Corvette Blogger.

Still, I’d be willing to bet there were more than a few bidders eyeing the C7.R crossing the blocks in Vegas, thinking, “I’d sure like to have one of those for my collection.”

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